The world of telecommunications is growing so fast that it's really difficult to keep track of the "State of Art" in technologies, products, services and markets.

This expansion of the Telecom universe is accelerating with new fields appearing and existing fields literally exploding, like:

Therefore, on this site will be highlighted some of the technologies and market thrusts that are shaping the business communications.

More precisely, Evolutions in the Data communication, Multimedia, and High Speed networks fields will be tracked.

The information that you will find here is simplified (over!) to sketch in a concise and graphical form the technology and market current status and "at stake" challenges.

Of course, the content of this site will be built progressively over time. To speed it up, contributions from outside sources would be appreciated on special topics, such as: LAN switching, Routing, ATM, Frame Relay, XDSL,..

Please forward your improvements, questions and comments at: